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Empowering application lifecycle and compliance


Integrated version control supporting geographical distributed development of BusinessObjects and QlikView artifacts


Workflow enforced, automated deployment of QlikView and BusinessObjects artifacts through the enterprise


Balancing sound governance with business performance by powerful insights and proven delivery

The standard by which others are measured

As SAP BusinessObjects’ and QlikView’s first Technology Partner to bring platform management to the enterprise, NOAD has been the pioneer in this ecosystem and continues to invest in its solutions

EQM4 is your single solution for managing your enterprise BI deployment

Developers working in a controlled environment, operators following release procedures and managers having clear overview. NOAD EQM4 bridges the divide between Development and Operations.

Getting control over your business intelligence deployment should be cost effective, efficient and above all secure. 

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Aligning with customers

Our customers are our stakeholders

Helping IT organizations develop and deploy better BI applications

Performance is everything to our customer base consisting of Fortune 100 companies, SMB and government agencies. Their knowledgeable users share the same goal, the same challenges and have selected NOAD EQM4 as their solution. NOAD's core purpose is to advance the value of Business Intelligence within the enterprise. 

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What our customers say about us

Customers of all sizes and in all industries are managing their business intelligence platform with NOAD solutions.

Losing track of changes would mean a loss in credibility (of information) in the very competitive landscape of our industry
EQM4 allowed me to perform repetitive tasks only once, and then apply it to our entire BI environment in all our active regions
If we cannot show the auditors that we are in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley it could lead to a lengthier and more costly audit.

Functionality that fits your needs

NOAD EQM4 consist of modules that are separately available, via either a subscription or perpetual license.

EQM4 Sharing
Enforced Workflows
Automated Promotion
Distributed Architecture
Single Click, No Scripting
Deployment Manager
EQM4 Complying
Full Life Cycle Audit Trail
Guaranteed Versioning
No System Bypass
Segregation of Duties
Separation of Environments
EQM4 Creating
Single Click Versioning
Secure Locked Development
Impact Analysis
Difference Analysis
Change Manager

Bridging the divide between Dev and Ops teams, just tell us the number of developers and operations staff members and we'll let you know what would best fit your needs.

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