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NOAD EQM4 BI Platform Management

NOAD EQM4 is a proven & cost-effective process-based BI change & deployment management solution that eliminates the complexity of BI application development, seamlessly integrated and automating development practices. Highly scalable, secure and optimized for Dev and Ops teams, NOAD EQM4 differentiates in its ability to meet the higher performance (Change Manager) and its console ensures synchronization for more sophisticated release handling needs of business critical BI applications (Deployment Manager).


Streamline Development

NOAD EQM4 delivers a powerful solution for versioning and brings unique insight and visibility into associated change history. Fundamental to modern development practices and adoption of agile development methodologies provide (distributed) development teams freedom to work. NOAD EQM4 provides visibility and insight into the health and quality of development projects and optimizing development efficiency and hand off to release.  


Collaborative Review

The ability to collaboratively review changes emphasizes teamwork and promotes good citizenship among developers and operations. By using NOAD EQM4 integrated analysis such as Object Impact -, Table Impact -, Difference - and Build Analysis teams can review and share best practices amongst team contributors. Improve real time communication & collaboration, thus the overall quality and enjoyment of team achievements by tieing development and review processes together. 


Inventory overview

Keeping track of all the artifacts that are or need to be developed or deployed can be a daunting task when done manually. NOAD EQM4 does it seamlessly by showing at-a-glance what has to be or is deployed and allows to analyze the differences between them. A selected environment shows all the artifacts version inventory including all properties. A selected artifact shows the iterations inventory including related artifacts and existence in environments. Dev and Ops teams are automatically synchronized allowing changes to be implemented fast. 


Workflow Editor

The workflow editor is a visual drag-and-drop editor that enables you to drag workflow steps onto the design space and configure them immediately. As you place additional steps, you visually define their relationships with one another. NOAD's process steps replace typical deployment scripts and manual processes, no programming is required.


Quality and Approvals

Simplify development and operations team interaction. Bring the principles of DevOps to your organization while maintaining control. Guarantee that the developed applications are being validated and are the same as those being deployed. NOAD EQM4 provides a flexible approach to an approval process, and supports different approaches through your BI deployment; BI applications shouldn't have to follow the same approval process. Whether simple deployment level approval tasks or complex multi-role approval processes, the right level of granularity is essential for successfully automating deployment. Don't need an approval? Need the PMO to sign off production deliveries? With NOAD EQM4, streamlined approval processes are as simple as a click, comment, and OK.


Manage Environments

An environment is a user-defined collection of resources that host BI artifacts. Environments are typically modeled on some stage of the software project lifecycle, such as development, QA, or production. A resource is a deployment target, such as a database and resides on a physical or virtual machine. Environments are created at the global level and used by multiple BI applications, enabling the use of shared or application-specific environments. An approval process is enforced before the artifact can be deployed to an environment. NOAD EQM4 maintains an inventory of every artifact deployed to each environment and can provide the differences between them.


Compliance with confidence

NOAD EQM4 helps to meet compliance requirements in the most regulated industries with its process enforcement and complete traceability, besides role-based security and Active Directory integration. NOAD EQM4 provides full audit trail on each artifact within an environment.