NOAD Rebranded for Innovation

NOAD Rebranded for Innovation

15 years of experience in global BI management, we don't guess, improvise or take risks with your business!


NOAD, the pioneer in Enterprise Platform Management for Business Intelligence (BI), is pleased to announce the rebranding of the company. The rebranding follows a 15 year period of business and will see the company move into new markets. The rebranding will include a new website using the new visual identity.

Commenting on the rebranding, Andre Grift, CEO at NOAD explains, “Following a steady period in both new business and product development on existing platforms, our technology will evolve into new areas that we no longer feel that the logo accurately reflects who we are.” 

After much deliberation the company has selected the new tagline “15 years of experience in global BI management. We don't guess, improvise or take risks with your business”.

Grift continues, “Over the last 2-3 years our original singular focus on DevOps BI management has given way to a broader focus on innovative enterprise solutions supporting business intelligence platforms. With business intelligence being a commodity including its eco system, we see our product range becoming more compliance oriented, with a focus on improving engagement through innovation. The tagline perfectly describes what it is we do and our plans for the future.

The NOAD logo symbol is a transition of our company name and colored swooshes into a more actionable vortex and has been designed to encompass the company’s vision of interactive innovation.

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